Parking special offers

In partnership with Nice Shopping and PayByPhone, Nice-based retailers and craftspeople offer you to pay for your on-street parking while you shop in store.


Quick and easy

1 – Park on the street
2 – Get the 30 minutes free of charge thanks to the City of Nice by entering your car’s number plate into the parking meter or the PayByPhone app
3 – Go to one of the scheme’s participating shop retailers  so they could offer you additional parking time
4 – Give the shop retailer  your car number plate and enjoy your free parking (see conditions below)
5 – Continue shopping or enjoy a walk


Participating retailers can give you up to 2 hours of free parking in accordance with their specific conditions.

These conditions may vary from one shop to another – feel free to ask them exactly what their conditions are.

Which local shops participate in the scheme?

It’s simple to find out which local shops offer to pay for your parking:

1 – Look at the list of participating shops available below

2 – Look out for the sticker below displayed in Nice shop windows

vitrine Optic Joanny avec PayByPhone


Direct Cartouche Store – 130 boulevard Gambetta, Nice

Coco’n Shopping – 5 rue de la Liberté, Nice

MC Tissus – 1 rue du Pontin, Nice

Brasserie Le Verdi – 5 rue Verdi, Nice

Urban Confort – 139 boulevard Gambetta, Nice

Mi-Chat Mi-Chien – 26 bd Joseph Garnier, Nice

Shopping Flor – 10 bd Joseph Garnier, Nice

By Colette – 31 avenue Jean Medecin, Nice

Segui Paoli Generalli – 50 boulevard Stalingrad, Nice

Pharmacie Salvetto – 28 boulevard Dubouchage, Nice

Optique Joanny – 48 avenue de la République, Nice

Ambiance & Canapés – 19 bd Joseph Garnier, Nice

Uniq – 11 Rue Alphonse Karr, Nice

Center Fête – 158 avenue de la Californie, Nice

Brasserie Le Magnan – 1 avenue de la Californie, Nice

Yamaha Castellan – 1 rue Barla, Nice

Harnois – 4 passage Malausséna, Nice

Restaurant Casa Nissa – 55 rue Gioffredo, Nice

Angicut – 158 avenue de la Californie, Nice

Ekyog – 12 rue Alphonse Karr, Nice

Chaix Décoration – 8 rue Paul Déroulede, Nice

Grande Pharmacie du Sud – 11 avenue Malausséna, Nice

Katouch Mode – 20 rue Assalit, Nice

Grosgogeat Opticiens – 25 avenue Jean Médecin, Nice

Homme 5 – 8 avenue Malausséna, Nice

Planète Chaussures – 8 avenue Malausséna, Nice

Bijouterie Grassini – 36 avenue Borriglione, Nice

Les petits souliers – 9 avenue Malausséna, Nice

La Fromagerie – 34 avenue Borriglione, Nice

Angel Tattoo – 20 avenue de la Californie, Nice

Zolpan – 24 avenue Villermont, Nice


PayByPhone is a very practical app enabling you to pay for your parking with your smartphone without having to take a ticket from the parking meter. 

This is a free app that’s currently operational in Nice for on-street parking purposes.


Are you a shop retailer based in Nice who would like to offer free parking to their customers?