Need some inspiration for your Christmas gifts? Discover our selection!

“All I want for Christmas is yoooouuu!” If Mariah Carey hasn’t any doubts about her list for Santa Claus, it’s not necessarily true for everyone.

Every year, it’s the same question: what on earth will we give Uncle Sylvain, Grandma Germaine or cousin Léa? But don’t panic; we have prepared a little gift guide with ideas for those you never know what to buy. And local gifts, that goes without saying!

For Uncle Sylvain, who loves his region… and that’s about it.

He doesn’t like Christmas, he doesn’t like family meals, he doesn’t really like the Yule log, or the presents… in short, he doesn’t like much. Yet when the first notes of “Nissa la Bella” sound, his eyes sparkle with happiness, and he sings loudly, hand on heart. So to please our favourite chauvinist uncle, what better than a gift stamped Nice and French Riviera?

For him, we’ll go to the Boullisterie and shop for a sweater with a local motto, or to Le Goût de Nice for a local tasting; we might introduce him to a selection of craft beers from Blue Coast Brewing or source a collector’s item for him at La Chaise Bleue.

Jack & Jones x La Boullisterie sweater – € 39.99
La Boullisterie Club
16, rue Lascaris, Nice Nice
Macaroons – € 15
Le Goût de Nice
Center Commerciale NICETOILE
30 av Jean Médecin, Nice
Craft beers – from € 2.90
Blue Coast Brewing
18, chemin de Saquier, Nice
The little blue chair – large € 9.99
La Chaise Bleue
4, rue Jacques Martin, Nice

For Auntie Claudine, who adores crafting.

Auntie Claudine is someone who likes to create things with her own hands. So this year, why not give her a gift she can make herself? Because our businesses in Nice also offer us the opportunity to get our hands dirty to bring unique pieces to life!

We love the perfume creation workshops offered by Jumalee, the creative workshops of Melli-Mello, the manual workshops of Créa2mains and the jewellery-making workshops at ACO.

After all, don’t we say that we are never served better than by ourselves?

Perfume creation workshop – from € 79
10, rue Cassini, Nice
Creative workshop – € 20
8, avenue Notre Dame, Nice
Jewellery initiation workshops – € 90
18 bis, rue Benoît Bunico, Nice
Creative arts workshop – € 18
27 bis rue Gioffredo, Nice

For dad, who already has some fragrances and doesn’t wear a tie.

Last year, he accepted the 24th fragrance in his collection without so much as flinching. But this Christmas, it’s decided, we’re going for originality!

So we awaken memories of dad’s youth by hunting for a vinyl L.P. or a vintage football jersey at Kosimi Records or a design object straight from the 70s found at Déco Authentique. We give him a fashion piece straight from the Treasures of Chloé to complete his cool dad look, or we opt for a decorative piece, a tribute to pop culture unearthed at C’est Design.

Vintage football shirts – from € 20
Kosimi Records
28, rue de Hôtel des Postes, Nice
Vintage vinyl- from € 10
Kosimi Records
28, rue de Hôtel des Postes, Nice
Super Daddy socks – € 15
Les Trésors de Chloé
27, avenue Alfred Borriglione, Nice
Decorative object Donkey Kong – price according to model
C’est design!
Nice Lingostière Shopping Center
606, boulevard du Mercantour, Nice
Post-Bluetooth Nordmende – € 230decoration
28, rue Lamartine, Nice

For cousin Léa, who already has everything.

At Christmas, there are also those who, like cousin Léa, already have nearly everything. So it isn’t easy to aim in the right direction when choosing a gift.

So instead, we choose an experience gift! If she loves good food, she will be delighted by the patisserie workshops offered by L.A.C. or the cooking classes given at the Niçoise cooking workshop. If she loves good wine, why not give her an oenology class offered by Dégust’Emoi? And if she’s more hands-on, opt for a pottery workshop at L.A.M. Success guaranteed!

Patisserie class gift card – from € 75
18, rue Barla, Nice
Classic cooking class (2 hours) – € 50
l’Atelier cuisine Niçoise
2, rue de l’Ancien Séna, Nice
Pottery Workshop – 25 € / hour or 160 € / month (4 workshops for 4 consecutive weeks)
26, rue Bonaparte, Nice
Oenology workshop (half-day) – € 59.25
Hotel West End, 31, promenade des Anglais, Nice

For Mum, who prefers to give a gift to the planet.

With her heart of gold, she prefers that her Christmas present benefits the planet above all. So for her, we go to the concept store corner of La Dame au Cerf to discover cruelty-free candles in soy wax, or we shop for a trendy and always cruelty-free piece at VeganMode. We could give her a little eco-friendly scooter chosen on advice from the experts at Vélocity or a pack of bee-wraps to keep her delicious dishes fresh.

Les Dryades Françaises soy wax candles – € 15.90
La Dame au Cerf
2, rue de Lépante, Nice
Camille crossbody bag in vegan leather – € 59
45, boulevard de Cessole, Nice
Electric scooter Segway Kickscooter E22 – € 399
Electric scooter Segway Kickscooter E22 – € 399
2, rue de la Buffa, Nice
Pack of 6 small bee-wraps – 21 €
Here there
37, rue Droite, Nice

For grandma Germaine, who has an annoying tendency to exchange her gifts.

Mamie Germaine is the one who, beneath her saintly air, doesn’t waste a minute in exchanging her Christmas present. This year, we won’t fail to give a little nod to this tendency by focusing on personalisation.

A framed poster, a bracelet or a small “Mamie” tote-bag from Chloé’s Treasures, a “Mamie tu es unique” mug from La Chaise Longue or a “Mamie d’amour” candle found at Maisons du Monde. And if her curtains or furniture need rejuvenating, we can give them a tailor-made new look at Ambiance Rideaux!

“Mamie” Definition Poster – € 19.90
Les Trésors de Chloé
27, avenue Alfred Borriglione, Nice
Totebag “Mamie Very Parfaite” – € 15.90
Les Trésors de Chloé
27, avenue Alfred Borriglione, Nice
Bracelet “MAMIE JE T’AIME …” – 15 €
Les Trésors de Chloé
27, avenue Alfred Borriglione, Nice
“Mamie tu es unique” cup and saucer – € 16.95
La Chaise Longue
Center Commercial NICETOILE
30, avenue Jean Médecin, Nice
Tailor-made curtains and reupholstery – price according to the project
Ambiance Rideaux
34, avenue de la République, Nice

So this year, one thing is sure, no last-minute shopping!