What to buy and where

Nice boasts a dizzying array of shopping experiences. Shopping for the top styles, shopping for the coolest looks, trips down memory lane, craft shops or stores at the cutting edge of fashion – there’s something for everyone. A stroll through each of the following parts of town is an absolute must!

Key shopping aeras

The city centre, the old town (Vieux-Nice), the pedestrianized area and the port…these are the must-see shopping areas of Nice. Big names and shopping centres rub shoulders with luxury boutiques, local shops, arts and crafts, bars and restaurants – in short, everything you need to have a great day of shopping!

Local Shopping Districts

Want to shop like a local? Then head to Nice’s residential districts! Small local shops, stores that have been owned by the same family for generations, craftspeople and traders who love what they do – they really are the life-blood of the city!


Nice and markets really are a match made in heaven. The city is teeming with them, each one having its own distinctive character and charm. Fruit and veg markets, flower markets, markets for locally-produced goods, flea markets – all are a delight for the senses. Enjoy the visual spectacle, let your taste buds be tantalized and breathe in an array of wonderful aromas. Go on, give in to temptation!