Today we’re off to discover specialty coffee. Carefully selected beans, fine flavours, quality and exacting craftsmanship. It’s like the haute couture of coffee!


The “specialty coffee” designation is awarded when a score of 80 or above out of 100 is achieved, according to precise criteria laid down by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

The criteria include: fragrance, aroma, aftertaste, acidity and general impression.

The term “grand cru” is used for scores above 85/100.

But what is the difference between a classic coffee and a specialty coffee?

The 4 crucial points:

  • Selective grain production and harvesting by hand only;
  • Fair pay for producers;
  • Traceability to guarantee coffee quality;
  • Low-temperature roasting to preserve the aromas.

This exceptional coffee, carefully grown, stands out for its beans, which often come from small farms. The careful harvesting and processing method brings out the distinct characteristics of each coffee, revealing unique flavour profiles. Complex aromas, subtle notes and artisan roasting define specialty coffee.

Curious to find out where to enjoy speciality coffee in Nice? Here are four must-visit venues that will win you over!

Cafés Indien – A roasting tradition handed down from father to son

Rooted in Nice’s history, Cafés Indien is the oldest roaster in Nice, delighting locals’ senses
since 1925, spanning three generations. They select the best beans from the four corners of the world, from South America, Europe and Asia! Come and sample their coffees from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ethiopia and even Colombia! They’ll give you a warm welcome from Tuesday to Saturday.

Hug Café – A hug for your taste buds

Hug Café, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Basilica, awaits you every day of the week. Sourced from a roaster in Antibes, this coffee embraces fresh flavours. Come and discover their original drinks made from coffee roasted by La Torref de Fersen, an artisanal workshop in Antibes: Flat White, Cortado, Chemex, Origami… Their coffees are also available for sale as ground beans. And try their organic and home-made dishes! They serve muffins, cakes, quiches and other snacks to round off your coffee breaks.

Brume Coffee – A cosmopolitan café

Brume Coffee stands out for its relaxed atmosphere and homemade dishes. From Wednesday to Friday, come and sample their exceptional coffees from Peru, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea, served both hot and iced. This establishment in Nice’s Old Town also offers healthy cosmopolitan cuisine, with seasonal produce and gourmet treats. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack! Espresso and filter coffee packets are available for sale.

Canopée Coffee Lounge – Custom roasting for each type of coffee

This picturesque coffee lounge in the port of Nice stands out for its careful selection of beans from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. To allow each flavour to burst forth and release its full aroma, they work with the famous Nice roaster, Cafés Indien, to ensure that each type of coffee is roasted according to traditional and bespoke methods. There are also a number of sweet treats on offer, as well as high-quality tea and traditional Italian hot chocolate.

Whether you’re an aficionado or a novice, come and take a look! Add to your address book and discover more by reading the article on specialty coffees published by Nice’s UMIH – the French Trade Association for Cafés, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs.