They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that a visit to our Nice shops can do just the same? Our 2023 mantra: a healthy mind in a healthy body! So to help you, Nice has lots of wellness addresses to take care of your body and mind. Follow


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that a visit to our Nice shops can do just the same? Our 2023 mantra: a healthy mind in a healthy body! So to help you, Nice has lots of wellness addresses to take care of your body and mind. Follow the guide, these are our favourite spots.


This year your priority is you! So take the time to do yourself some good. First stop: Azur Skin. The concept is simple: improve your skin health using targeted care. The medical-aesthetics centre offers a whole range of care to firm, hydrate or rejuvenate your skin. JetPeel, Cellu system, LED, PlexR, HIFU… the team combines a mastery of know-how and high tech to take care of your body. The little extra: you’ll be pampered by a friendly team of specialists who take the time to understand your expectations and adapt their care to your needs.

Taking care of the outside is a good thing, but looking after your organism is even better! Stop over at Naturhouse this spring to stock up on good dietary tips.

The Naturhouse philosophy turns around three main themes: dietary monitoring with the help of a dietician-nutritionist, the creation of a personal dietary plan corresponding to your needs, and a diet based on plants, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. A custom program to make a clean start and begin the year on the right foot (and stomach).

Good news for Nice Shoppers! You get a free dietary check-up and 10% off the whole store.

To complete your healthy shopping and get some good tips about plants and dietary supplements, take a look at Nature et Santé. Françoise, a professional naturopath, will guide us to achieving physical and emotional balance using plants. Ideal to get back into shape over winter!


Health also comes from the products we apply to our skins every day. To move towards a beauty routine that’s as good for you as for the planet, check out the ethical cosmetics addresses.

Newly installed avenue Jean-Médecin, Aroma-Zone specialises in home-made cosmetics. The principle is simple: advised by the sales staff, you choose from the 1700 products in their collection and you create what’s best for your skin. Of course, all the ingredients are organic and 100% natural, to guarantee fully responsible shopping!

Another ethical cosmetics major brand in Nice: Wakey! Located at 30 rue Berla since 2017, the store makes it a point of honour to only select brands and ingredients that are as good for your body as they are for the environment. At Wakey, you’re sure you’re consuming vegan, natural, ecological and fresh! Ideal to start off on a healthier lifestyle and healthier consumption. Everyday hygiene, body, face, hair, nails and even products for expecting mothers, the store overflows with healthy alternatives for your everyday habits. The Plus: The Wakey Box, a beauty box created so that you can test 5 Wakey super-product samples selected with loving care to start your cosmetics collection.

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Next stop: Bazar Bio. THE organic and natural cosmetics reference in Nice since 2010. In the Avenue Foch store, let yourself drift through a cutting edge selection of fully natural and organic brands. Here, the products combine the best of science with natural active ingredients in a holistic approach. Tonics, serums, night creams… they have all the essentials to build a complete skincare routine totally adapted to your skin type. What we like the most is the “Bio Bazar cabin”, a true wellness spot where the team of face experts propose care using the products from the store.

The latest ethical beauty spot: Bérénice et Églantine. In this store that has a Provence market feel, check out “beautiful objects crafted by passionate people to make the world a better place”. The team has three keywords: ecology, ethics and fair trade. There are no products of which the origin can’t be traced here! Also banned are substances from the petrochemical industry, so you don’t have to think twice when you buy their selection of natural, organic and mainly local products that haven’t been tested on animals and which guarantee fair trade. Can anyone do better?


One of the secrets to a healthier lifestyle is to move! And when our sedentary lives take too much control over our need to move, we can count on our Nice stores to get us back on track.

At Eau Zone, you not only get to paddle about in water all year round, but also to move your body without too much impact thanks to the different Aquasport programs. Aquaboxing, aquafitness, aquabiking… there’s something for everyone. What we also like are the cold treatments proposed to boost immunity and get the blood circulating. Feel like some cryotherapy?

For all those who aren’t like a fish in the sea, stop off at Atelier Yoga Nice, gently get back into shape while meditating. A gentle sport that provides stress-relief, improves breathing and tone and let’s you focus on yourself. Beginners, amateurs or fans, Dakini and her team of professors propose sessions for every level. The little extra that makes the difference: infratherapy. L’Atelier has infra-red lights that let you completely relax in comforting warmth, but also beneficially warm deep muscle tissue.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle also means changing our habits. Stop using cars to commute! By focusing more on our health and our carbon footprint we leave our cars in the garage and adopt gentler means of transport. To switch to electric, stop over at Vélocity, rue de Buffa. Guided by a team of cycling experts, you can try out electric scooters or bikes to find the most suitable one.

  • Vélocity – 2 rue de la Buffa, Nice

And if you only use alternative mobility for your leisure activities, stop off at Nissalentours to explore the streets of Nice. Treat yourselves by renting electric scooters and bicycles to (re)discover the best spots in our lovely Nice in the open air. There’s nothing better to reconnect the body with nature.

  • Nissalentours – 5, boulevard Gambetta, Nice


Who says a healthy diet means bland dishes? You just have to look at all the colours and flavours on show in Nice stores to realise that healthy food can be good!

It’s even the theme of Leclerc Bio & Italien in the Saint-Isidore quarter. So cooking fans watch out, the concept has pulled off a feat: 18,000 references including 50% organic and 50% Italian. On the organic side, there’s a vast bulk section proposing cereals, rice and pulses. Seasonal fruit and vegetables from small local producers all year round. On the Italian side, only quality produce selected from small producers on the other side of the Alps. A great address for healthy home cooking. Our favourite: the presence of Isabel Villalba, a naturopath, in the store every Friday and Saturday!

  • Isabel Villalba, naturopathe – Leclerc Bio & Italien – Centre commercial Nice Valley, rue Jules Bianchi

For those who prefer leaving cooking to professionals, our restaurants have a wide offering. If you think healthy, the first thing that comes to mind is Marianne Meschi! Her A-Te-Lier’ concept is simple: engaged cuisine that takes care of our “two homes”, our body and the planet. At Marianne’s there are products purchased from short circuits, a waste recycling system, no use of cling-film, and deliveries by bike to limit the environmental footprint.

On the A-Te-Lier menu, seasonal dishes prepared using produce from the market as well as Nice specialities. Stuffed vegetables, deep fried zucchini-flowers in batter, ratatouille… Marianne’s responsible kitchens have the great smells of Provence. We also love the savoury produce side that offers artisan, local and organic produce to eat well at home too.

Another healthy trend: raw cuisine! Yes, we said raw. Eating raw not only keeps all the excellent vitamins in fruit and vegetables, but also makes meals easier to digest. So for all vegans and “raw food” fans, stop over at KOKO GREEN. In the historic quarter of Nice, this restaurant proposes dishes that are all more original than each other. Perfect for epicureans looking for a new address.

  • KOKO GREEN – 1, rue de la Loge, Vieux Nice

A last savoury stop: La Popote d’Ondine and its flexitarian cuisine (gluten-free, vegan or traditional). They serve delicious brunches prepared fresh every day by the kitchen staff in a cocooning atmosphere that encourages a relaxing moment by yourself, with your family or with friends. A go to address for gourmets looking for generous, home made cuisine! The little extra: La Popote d’Ondine is now open in rue Gioffredo and rue Blacas, for twice as much pleasure.

For dessert, drop into the Amour cake shop, a concept invented by Camille. Ideally located a few steps away from the green track. It has a wide selection of plant-based, gluten-free cakes with less sugar and mostly raw, here the cakes manage to combine indulgence with healthy eating. We love going there for a cake and a latte (plant-based!) for a well deserved rest. The little extra? Cakes For All, a line of soya-free, organic label cake kits on sale in the store. For healthy, home-made teatimes.


Who said that small treats can’t be healthy? For a birthday, a thank-you or just to be nice, try out something original and offer a bunch of… FRUIT! Bouquet de Fruits proposes 100% fruit compositions so that you can give your friends and relations a gift that is fresh and bursting with vitamins. A farandole of sculpted fruit creations, chocolate-coated fruit, trays or baskets… the hardest part is choosing!

  • Bouquet de Fruits Nice – 31 bis, rue Barla, Nice

So where should we meet to do ourselves some good?