Private beaches in Nice: our guide to the best addresses!

On holiday in Nice? Or simply want to play tourist at home? Come and enjoy the 7.5 km of beaches in Nice. Nice is a seaside city that welcomes families as well as international stars. Would you like to relax in peace and quiet? Or end your day with a dinner by the sea? Head

Private beaches in Nice: our guide to the best addresses!

On holiday in Nice? Or simply want to play tourist at home? Come and enjoy the 7.5 km of beaches in Nice.

Nice is a seaside city that welcomes families as well as international stars. Would you like to relax in peace and quiet? Or end your day with a dinner by the sea? Head for one of the many private beaches of “Nissa la Bella”.

Whether they are part of a long family tradition or play the modern card, these beaches never lack charm. Mutinous, secret, they only reveal their secrets to those who deserve it.

For a long time, these exceptional places were the preserve of a few hedonists. For you, Nice Shopping has set out to lift the veil on these mysteries. From now on, you don’t need to be part of a private circle to know the addresses of the best private beaches in Nice.

Régence Plage par Radisson Blu

As soon as you step onto the terrace of the Radisson Blu, you will realise the significance of the name of the hotel. In front of your astonished eyes, a single colour stretches endlessly… The blue of the sea.

In many ways, the Radisson Blu’s greatest asset is its landscaped beach. On the pebbled benches of Nice, white and blue deckchairs and umbrellas dance happily. In the restaurant, you can enjoy the best of Mediterranean cuisine. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Régence Plage is the ideal place to relax in peace. Lying back on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, time will cease to have a hold on you.

The Régence Plage is perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean while being treated like a king.

Practical information

Address : 223 Promenade des Anglais
Schedules :

  • Beach : monday to sunday from 9.30am to 7pm
  • Restaurant : from noon to 5pm

Phone : 04 97 07 03 09

Web site : 

Plage Les Canailles Nice

Les Canailles beach in Nice has all the makings of a little corner of paradise. In this green setting, the sea and mountains pay tribute to the beauty of the region.

Under the canopy of hundred-year-old trees, raffia armchairs face the Mediterranean Sea. To seduce its customers, the establishment can count on the golden hands of its new chef and on its Terre-Mer menu.

In the same spirit, Les Canailles beach has a large wooden terrace, which gradually gives way to the sun. This private beach will be able to meet the expectations of tourists and locals alike, both on the beach and in the restaurant, where the chef has created a menu that respects nature and highlights the fresh produce of the region.

For a timeless getaway, head to Les Canailles beach. Stretch out on a sofa with your toes in the air and enjoy the Dolce Vità for a day…

Practical information

Address : 197 Promenade des Anglais
Opening hours : Monday to Sunday from 10am to 1am
Phone number : 04 93 51 47 74

Le Galet

In Nice, it is impossible to use the expression “fine sandbanks”. All along the coast, the seashores are strewn with pebbles polished by the sea. What better name than “the pebble” to designate this pretty private beach.

Created by the Canatella family, the private beach “Le Galet” pays tribute to the uniqueness of the Nice coastline. Deckchairs, bunks, dining tables… The space invites you to let go in the most absolute way.

Located on the Promenade des Anglais, the bar-restaurant-lounge has very quickly found its clientele. Probably because of the delicious home-made ice creams and its generous dishes.

Note that it is possible to privatise the space for a birthday, a reception, a wedding… The idyllic setting of the beach lends itself to many occasions. What are you waiting for?

Practical information

Address : 3 Promenade des Anglais
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to 2.30pm and from 7pm to 11pm
Phone :

Beach reservation: 06 28 11 13 67

Restaurant reservation : 04 93 88 17 23

Web site :

Plage Beau Rivage Nice

The Beau Rivage Nice private beach is a well-known place for residents. Covering 1600 m2, this pleasure spot is modern, trendy and even avant-garde.

Since its creation, the Beau Rivage Nice beach has seduced more than one celebrity. This is due not only to its paradisiacal setting, but also to the quality of its service. In addition to a gourmet restaurant, the hotel also offers aerobics classes and a swimming pool.

Once night falls, the Beau Rivage Nice private beach lets its festive side shine through. Cocktails, sparkling drinks, tapas, … As soon as the sun goes down, the night owls come to the beach. For them, the day has just begun.

The Beau Rivage Nice private beach never really sleeps. The sun, the sea, premium services… Could it get any better? Nothing is less certain.

Practical information

Address : 107 Quai des États-Unis
Schedule : from monday to sunday from noon to 00.30am
Phone : 04 92 00 46 80
Web site : 

Cocoon Beach Nice

As soon as you set foot on the Cocoon Beach Nice floor, you will find yourself propelled into a bubble of serenity. Bamboos, palm trees and coconut palms contribute to create this half-zen, half-natural atmosphere.

Located on the Promenade des Anglais, the Cocoon Beach Nice is a must-see address in Nice. Whether you wish to discover the local gastronomy to the haunting melody of a symphony orchestra or to lounge next to the Mediterranean, this private beach will grant your wish.

Apart from the panoramic sea view, Cocoon Beach also offers its guests a private swimming pool, restaurant, bar, showers and free wifi.

Open every day of the week, the Cocoon Beach Nice opens at 8am and closes at 12:30am (except on Sundays and Mondays when it closes at 8pm).

Practical information

Address : 165 Promenade des Anglais
Schedule : from tuesday to saturday 8am to midnight, sunday and monday from 8am to 10pm
Phone : 04 93 86 64 15
Web site :

Le temps d’un été

There are some memories that will stay with you forever. Without a doubt, your stay at the private beach “Le temps d’un été” will be one of them. Alongside the Promenade des Anglais, Le temps d’un été is a haven of peace.

From the choice of colours to the selection of materials, everything is done to make your worries a distant memory. The natural aspect is emphasised by the use of a chestnut-coloured wood to great effect. Blue and white are the dominant colours of the furniture.

Strategically positioned opposite the Westminster Hotel, Le temps d’un été offers not only a private beach but also a restaurant with Mediterranean accents. After spending a few hours on this private beach, you may not want to go home…

If you want to rent the beach or have any questions, just contact the managers. They will be happy to enlighten you.

Practical information

Address : 25 Promenade des Anglais
Schedule : from monday to sunday from 10am to 11pm
Phone : 04 83 66 02 49
Web site :

Opéra plage

Created in 1889, the Opera Plage can boast of being the oldest private beach in Nice. For 132 years, the establishment has offered its clientele services worthy of the best palaces.

Their 250 beds are waiting for you. For more privacy, it is always possible to rent a cabin. In case you are hungry, the restaurant of the Opéra Plage uses only fresh products, which are meticulously prepared by an experienced chef. And that’s not the only advantage the beach has…

In order to serve its customers in the best possible way, the Opéra Plage has a multilingual staff. French, English, Italian, Russian, German, … It is with a disconcerting ease that the employees switch from one language to another.

Practical information

Address : 30 Quai des États-Unis
Schedule : from monday to sunday form 9am to 8pm

  • Open in the evening depending on the event and on reservation
  • Salsa nights: all summer long on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to midnight

Phone : 04 93 62 31 52
Web site :

Castel Plage

Situated below the fortifications of the old town, Castel Plage has a special charm.

Nestled next to the Castle Hill, the Castel private beach is a clever blend of modernity and tradition. A huge contemporary sculpture stands in the middle of the wooden reception room. Surprising, isn’t it?

To satisfy the gourmets, the Castel proposes a cuisine built around the products of the sea. Crustaceans and fresh fish are served on your plate (squid, lobster, crabs … to name but a few). And if by any chance you are more interested in vegetarian cuisine, the Castel private beach is never short of Niçoise salads and other local specialities.

If you want to bathe without giving up an ounce of comfort, go to the Castel!

Practical information

Address : 8 Quai des États-Unis
Schedule : from monday to sunday

  • Beach : from 9am to 6pm non stop
  • Restaurant : from noon to 4pm and from 7.30pm 9.30pm

Phone : 04 93 85 22 66
Web site :

Ruhl Plage

Open 7 days a week, Ruhl plage is particularly suitable for families with children. In fact, the private beach has its own team of lifeguards to ensure the safety of bathers.

With a beautiful setting on the Promenade des Anglais, the hotel boasts an international staff. In its kitchens, instructions are given in French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and even Russian. With such diversity, it is impossible for foreigners to be lost.

But Ruhl beach is not just a pretty pebble bank. The marina also has a top-class restaurant and a cosy lounge. For relaxing alone or with the family, this private beach in Nice is simply perfect.

Practical information

Address : 1 Promenade des Anglais
Schedule : du lundi au dimanche 

  • Bedding: 9am to 7pm
  • Breakfast : from 9am to 11.30pm 
  • Lunch : from noon to 4pm
  • Chill soul Deep lounge night: every Thursday in July and August from 6pm to 12:30pm

Phone : 04 93 87 09 70
Web site :

Blue Beach

Nestled in the middle of the Prom, the Blue Beach is the perfect setting for a family day out or a meal with friends. A beach restaurant, it appeals to all generations. While the younger guests enjoy swimming in the clear Mediterranean waters, the adults can enjoy delicious cocktails on the large wooden terrace and the beautiful architecture of the lounge bar. And what about the culinary wonders that come out of its kitchens?

For a hearty meal by the sea or to relax in the Mediterranean, consider the Blue Beach. An idyllic setting and an impeccable quality of service.

Practical information

Address : 32 Promenade des Anglais
Schedule : Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm
Phone : 04 93 87 10 36
Web site :

Plage Bella Nissa

Located opposite the legendary Negresco Palace, the Bella Nissa beach offers a chic yet relaxed setting. It’s the perfect place to relax in style and without fuss.

Sitting comfortably in the shade of a parasol, you can enjoy the sound of the lapping waves. Perhaps you can even add a delicious freshly squeezed fruit juice made by the restaurant owners.

One thing is certain: Bella Nissa beach is a place to relax.

With a sun lounger rental service, Bella Nissa Beach ensures that even guests who do not wish to sunbathe are satisfied. In addition to a premium restaurant, the area includes a lounge where privacy reigns supreme.

From 4pm onwards, Bella Nissa shows a completely different face. As the sun comes out, the afterwork evenings get off to a gentle start. Until 9 pm, the clientele can relieve their stress with tapas and lively music.

Practical information

Address : 37 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice
Schedule : from monday to sunday

  • Beach : de 9h30 à 23h30
  • Restaurant : de 12h à 15h 

Phone : 04 92 00 40 80 
Web site :

Hôtel Amour à la plage

Despite its name, this hotel is not the preserve of lovebirds. In fact, it is not uncommon to see singles or families lounging on its private beach.

In order to remain true to the brand’s romantic atmosphere, the hotel has set up shop on the banks of the legendary Promenade des Anglais. Decorated in pastel shades, the hotel benefits from a choice backdrop. What better setting than the sea to magnify new or eternal love?

For hungry bathers, the Hotel Amour à la Plage has a restaurant with a plant-based feel. Colourful flowers stand proudly beside each table. The heady smells of the local dishes are mingled with those of the floral fragrances.

The theme of this private beach is love, and every moment is magnified. According to its regulars, each visit is a new sensory experience. Is this true? There’s only one way to find out…

Practical information

Address : 47 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice 
Schedule : from monday to sunday from 9am to 00.30am
Phone : 04 97 14 00 83
Web site : 

La Vela

La Vela is one of the few private beaches that caters primarily to families. Is this really surprising when you consider that the company is itself a family business?

For the founder, creating a private beach adapted to the needs of couples with children is a childhood dream. Perhaps it is a reminder of childhood memories… In any case, between Mykonos and Nice, a ray of light has awakened in him.

Today, it is enough to go to the Vela to touch this dream that has become reality. Even if three generations have succeeded one another at the head of this establishment, the spirit has remained the same: to allow children and parents to relax in complete serenity.

To fully enjoy the sea, tourists can lie down on deckchairs covered with parasols. And once they’re hungry, they can walk lightly to the restaurant next to the beach.

Practical information

Address : 58 Promenade des Anglais
Schedule : from monday to sunday

  • Restaurant : 12pm to 3:30pm and 7pm to 11pm
  • Lounge : from 6pm to 11pm
  • Deckchair area : from 9am to 6pm

Phone : 04 93 57 17 95
Web site :

La Baieta Plage

In Nice, “Baieta” means kiss. However, for the aesthetes, this term is now synonymous with refinement. In fact, Baieta is the only private beach in Nice with a solarium pontoon. In other words, you can enjoy the Mediterranean sun without feeling the heat.

Open from 9am to midnight, the Baieta private beach is a newcomer to the Nice seaside scene.

In addition to its gastronomic restaurant and its solarium, Baieta beach can count on its magnificent equipped beach. Between the deckchairs and the parasols, the visitor has the embarrassment of the choice to devote himself to idleness.

For relaxation in a modern setting, go to Baieta Beach. Its unique decoration and seasoned dishes will make you travel without leaving Nice. What are you waiting for to book a place?

Practical information

Address : 15 Promenade des Anglais
Schedule : from monday to sunday from 9am to 11pm
Phone : 04 83 66 03 18