Magnan, Californie and Carras

The Magnan is the name of a river which flows through the district of the same name. Located between the city centre and the west of the city, it includes the lower part of Boulevard de la Madeleine. The area begins at Avenue de la Californie, a major street that runs parallel to the Promenade des Anglais. Formerly called the Route de France, it was renamed ‘Californie’ during the Belle Époque. The Carras district is located on a strip of land beside the sea, along which the Promenade des Anglais and Avenue de la Californie run.

The small harbour and beach of Carras are still a little piece of heaven that’s quite unique in Nice. Magnan, Californie and Carras have a down-to-earth, youthful and very vibrant feel about them, thanks to their many shops. Line 2 of the tram network serves this area.

L'avenue de la Californie Nice

Avenue de la Californie