Can you hear it? The sweet melody of Christmas carols is coming back…. Halloween is over, and the Christmas spirit is already upon us. The excitement of the festive season is fast approaching.


So get your fill of hot chocolates, Christmas movies and fleecy throws. And to get you completely in the mood, there’s one thing you must do: decorate! Nice Shopping guides you through four must-have trends this year.

Trend n°1: Minimalism

It’s impossible to overlook the minimalist trend, which has made its way into our interior decorations all year round. This year, it’s even making its way to our Christmas table. So it’s time for (very) simple Christmas trees and discreet lights. But minimalist doesn’t mean sad! To keep the magic of Christmas alive and add warmth to your interior, opt for a palette of neutral colours as a base, strategically enhanced with touches of bright colours, gold or silver.

For festive minimalism, pop into Kave Home, ideally located on Avenue Jean Médecin, and allow yourself to be captivated by a trio of Christmas trees that are as pure as they are elegant. We’re also smitten with Bouchara‘s illuminated glass tree. For those who prefer their Christmas trees decorated, head to Maison du Monde for a pretty metal tree with baubles in shades of gold. And to decorate your festive table, there’s nothing better than discreet string lights from IKEA.

Trend n°2: a return to nature

Bring the chalet spirit into your home! This year, while traditional Christmas colours like red and green are still in fashion, natural materials and shades of dark green are also winning over our hearts as amateur decorators. To keep up with the trend, opt for wooden decorations, foliage garlands and door wreaths adorned with berries and fir branches. A warm, rustic atmosphere guaranteed!

For a successful return to nature, we’re pushing open the doors of our favourite shops! Allow yourself to be captivated by a branch-inspired candleholder or a pine-scented candle at Cosi, and shop for a set of baubles decorated with grapevine wood at Maison du Monde. And to decorate doors and walls, head to Leroy Merlin for some pretty plant-inspired wreaths.

Trend no. 3: Scandi-chic atmosphere

Scandinavian style, with its clean lines and simplicity, has become increasingly popular in recent years. In 2023, it’s also finding its way into Christmas decorations. Want to go Scandi-chic? Opt for these key elements: blown glass decorations, small simplistic designs, white candles, plenty of Christmas-inspired cushions and soft blankets. Perfect for a Christmas that’s both elegant and warm.

Our winning trio for a chic, cosy Christmas: Bouchara‘s soft blanket and gingerbread man, and the plush patchwork blanket from Leroy Merlin. And for a Scandinavian touch on your crockery, opt for a set of Nature & Découvertes saucers or subtle sparkling glasses from Maison du Monde.

Trend no. 4: a Christmas filled with nostalgia

The retro trend is in, even bordering on kitsch… and we love it! Step back in time and rediscover the charm of Christmases past. From vintage decorations to beaded garlands and ultra-colourful tablecloths, your decorations will rediscover the (slightly flashy) authentic feel of the 80s and 90s. To keep up with the trend, why not dig out some decorations from your grandparents’ attic, and embellish your finds with old-school accessories carefully selected by Nice’s retailers. A cosy atmosphere guaranteed!

If you want to go for the Nineties look, allow yourself to be captivated by a pretty decorative nutcracker or vintage-inspired tableware from Déco Passion. And to dress up your festive table, why not opt for a Garnier-Thiebaut tablecloth from Galeries Lafayette Nice Masséna, or a candy cane table runner from Fêter et Recevoir at Nice Valley.

  • Christmas Tablewear – Galeries Lafayette – Galeries Lafayette Nice Masséna – 6, av. Jean Médecin, 06000 Nice
  • Christmas Tablewear – Galeries Lafayette – Galeries Lafayette Nice Masséna – 6, av. Jean Médecin, 06000 Nice

And to fully immerse yourself in the enchantment of Christmas, check out our article on Nice’s end-of-year celebrations!