The good addresses to buy or repair your bike in the four corners of Nice!

“When we used to leave early in the morning, when we used to go on the roads… by bicycle! A well-known ditty, which has become the daily life of an ever increasing number of people in Nice, who swap cars for bikes. Faster, more ecological and less expensive. Are you thinking of switching to two-wheelers?

The good addresses to buy or repair your bike in the four corners of Nice!

“When we used to leave early in the morning, when we used to go on the roads… by bicycle! A well-known ditty, which has become the daily life of an ever increasing number of people in Nice, who swap cars for bikes. Faster, more ecological and less expensive. Are you thinking of switching to two-wheelers? It’s a good thing, because many stores specialized in bicycles have set up shop in the four corners of Nice. Let’s take a look at these shops that sell, repair and pamper our bikes.

First, drive in style!

Switching to a bike, yes, but in style, please! While two-wheelers are becoming more and more popular, there’s no question of doing your daily commute in a Tour de France rider outfit. Fortunately, the clothing and accessory brands have thought of those who ride in the morning and have professional meetings in the afternoon.

Whether it’s at “Giant”, “Café des Cyclistes” or “En Scelle Marcel”, you’ll find a whole selection of technical clothing that looks just like street clothes.

And to be sure to protect your nice outfit even while riding your bike, you opt for accessories that keep you safe from the elements. Rain, mud, wind… don’t be afraid! We equip ourselves with a mudguard kit bought at “Culture Vélo”, we also foresee in our backpack a rain poncho, and if we leave our bike parked outside, we avoid any bad surprise by always having on us a saddle cover made in “La Roue Libre”. Smart !

  • Poncho de pluie – 64,99€ Culture Vélo Hibiscus Park, 23 Av. Auguste Verola, Nice

In the city centre

En Selle Marcel 

Freshly located in the heart of Nice, “En selle Marcel” plunges us into a trendy and urban universe. In the showroom, the teams guide us through a selection of bikes. Road, gravel, mountain bikes, electric bikes… there is something for everyone! The shop also has a repair workshop, where the first overhaul of a cycle bought on the spot is offered to you. Nice, isn’t it?

The little extra: for the undecided, the shop offers a rental service for mechanical and electric bikes, for short or longer periods. Ideal for taking the time to choose the perfect companion for your daily commute.

Bicicletta Shop

At number 9 rue Defly, you will find “Bicicletta Shop”, a shop/workshop of 80m2 entirely dedicated to the world of bicycles. Sale, rental and depot-sale but also repair, you will find all the services that passionate or amateur cyclists can dream of. Oriented towards city bikes, urban bikes, vintage bikes, mountain bikes and explorers, the shop offers a wide choice of brands and models for all cycling habits.

Velocity Nice

Have you decided to go electric? Go to “Vélocity”! The showroom is the place to be for electric mobility and offers a wide selection of two-wheelers, adapted to all needs and all budgets. For leisure or daily use, Guillaume’s teams will help you go green.

The little extra: a maintenance and repair service for your machines, so that you can enjoy your trips in complete safety.

  • Vélocity – 2 rue de la Buffa, Nice


FNAC Nice offers a wide variety of vehicles for urban mobility. In terms of bicycles, the focus is on electric bikes, and on practicality! The shop has a range of bicycles, both aesthetic and compact, some of which are foldable to make them easier to transport in the city centre. In addition, you can also buy helmets, bells and other accessories, essential for safe cycling.

A little extra: FNAC Nice also offers a rental service, which allows you to enjoy your future bike for as little as sixty euros per month.

Monsieur et Madame Vélo

Near the Libération district, you can discover the world of “Monsieur et Madame Vélo”. The concept is “a bicycle repair shop for everyone”. In a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, Michel, the owner of the premises, passes on his expertise and his passion for two-wheelers. For repairs, advice or the purchase of additional accessories, this is the place to be in the neighbourhood!

Vintage Queen Bike Repair

Bikes yes, but vintage at all costs? Well, that’s the speciality of the Vintage Queen Bike Repair team! In the workshop, its two mechanics take care of saving your old bikes, restoring your beautiful family bikes or even customising your faithful road companions. One word of advice: everything can be repaired! So don’t part with your grandfather’s bike, give it a second youth.

The little extra? Restored second-hand bikes for sale. A good way to give a new life to (too quickly) forgotten two-wheelers.

Café du Cycliste

Between two pedal strokes, let’s take a little coffee break? To chat with other cycling enthusiasts, head for the idyllic setting of the Port of Nice. The “Café du Cycliste” is the perfect place to meet up, combining a café and a clubhouse where all customers, cyclists or not, can meet in the decor of this former boathouse, which was once an art gallery. In addition to the coffeeshop, there is also a showroom where you can buy the brand’s clothing and rent road bikes or gravels.

À Nice Nord


Cycles RB is a 600m2 space entirely dedicated to two-wheelers. Racing bikes (road, gravel), mountain bikes, city bikes (traditional, folding, vintage, trekking), whether they are muscular or electrically assisted, you are bound to find the bike that suits you! To complete the picture, the shop offers a whole selection of equipment and accessories related to the world of cycling, and even a textile area for comfortable cycling.

The little extras that make the difference: a 40m2 repair area, advice on postural studies and the possibility of assembling your bike entirely to measure, for equipment that is totally adapted to your riding style.

Alticoop VTT

Alticoop is THE mountain bike specialist shop. Located at 8, rue Parmentier, Alain and François guide us through a wide selection of models dedicated to enduros, free ride or rando. And to practice in complete safety, they also advise us on the purchase of helmets, protections and shoes adapted to each discipline.
The little extra: the sale of second-hand bikes and equipment, which allows you to give a second life to two-wheelers that already have a few kilometres on the clock. A good way to combine ecological awareness with a good price.


To go electric, you can go to “AC-Emotion”, located at 119 boulevard Gambetta. In the showroom, you will discover a wide range of bikes, whether folding, multipurpose, all-terrain or sport, as well as a large choice of products from the French brand CycleDenis.

The plus: all the shop’s cycle technicians are regularly trained in the techniques used by electric bike manufacturers, so that they can provide the most accurate maintenance and repairs possible!

  • Espace Vente – AC-Emotion – 119 boulevard Gambetta, Nice

À Nice Est

La Roue Libre

Sale, maintenance, repair… everything that bike lovers may need can be found at “La Roue Libre”! Specialists in road bikes, mountain bikes and electric bikes, the teams show us all the latest models. And to combine pleasure, comfort and performance, the shop offers a postural study service for each type of use.

The plus: a rental programme, by the day or by the week, on two models of road bikes and one model of mountain bike. Perfect for testing without committing yourself too much.

Nice West

Culture Vélo

A must-see store in the west of the city, “Culture Vélo” welcomes us in a setting where bikes and accessories are king! On the programme and with the good advice of a team of enthusiasts, a tour of electric and classic bikes for the city, leisure, hiking, children, mountain bikes, road bikes, triathlon, cargo bikes or even folding bikes… And to complete the perfect cycling outfit, the shop is full of accessories: clothing, GPS, helmets and shoes. When passing through, you can also leave your bike in the expert hands of the technicians in the workshop, for a check-up or some repairs.

The little extra: an area dedicated to nutrition and care, for a healthy cycling experience!

Two for Bike

Looking for distant horizons? Take a little diversions to America at “Two for Bike”. A Specialized retailer, we find there the whole range of the American brand, as well as a specialized repair shop. Guided by Magali, Franck, Olivier and Guillaume, we navigate in a space entirely dedicated to bikes made in USA. Whether you want to buy a bike or accessories, need technical advice, maintenance or just want to chat over a coffee, you’ll love the warm welcome and expertise of the team.

Giant Riviera

Last stop, and not the least: Giant Riviera.

What we particularly like: the Azur Cycling club, a space for sharing and conviviality which includes a coffee shop with a giant screen for the broadcasting of cycling events, and a Wahoo training studio with its bikes connected to virtual course applications.

  • Espace de vente – Giant Riviera – Espace Riviera, 136 Bd des Jardiniers, Nice
  • Studio d’entrainement – Giant Riviera – Espace Riviera, 136 Bd des Jardiniers, Nice

Safety: a reminder of the basics

Riding a bicycle, whether on the road or on a track, means riding in the middle of other users. So to protect yourself and others, you must have the right safety equipment! There are three essentials to remember:

  • Helmets: even if they are not compulsory after the age of 12, wearing a helmet on a bicycle ensures that the impact is absorbed in the event of a fall or collision, and reduces possible traumatic accidents to the skull and brain by more than 85%. A small piece of equipment that can therefore play a major role.

  • Gloves: Gloves not only protect you in case of a fall, they also make cycling more comfortable! They prevent rubbing against the handlebars and provide a barrier against the cold and rain.

  • Front and rear lights: in addition to reflectors, at night – or during the day when visibility is insufficient – all bicycles must be equipped with lights to identify them. One at the front to make the journey safer, and one at the rear to signal its presence to other users.

Did you know? Nearly 700 Sharelock locks have been made self-service in the city of Nice, to facilitate parking for two-wheelers. Installed on existing street furniture, they allow cyclists to avoid having to carry a personal lock and to have a dedicated parking space. The principle: you reserve your lock remotely, the application tells you how to get there and drop off your bike.

Drive smart in the streets of Nice!

In Nice, cycling is on the rise! While cycle paths are springing up all over the city, it is becoming easier (and faster!) to make your daily or leisure trips by bike.

To complete “La Littorale”, the mythical track that links the Port of Nice to the Port of Marina Baie des Anges by the Promenade des Anglais, many developments have been delivered to facilitate the movement of two-wheelers in the city. Among them:

  • The 1st axis : Bottero-Joffre-Pastorelli-Devoluy
  • The 2nd axis : Dante-Buffa-Grimaldi-Liberté

To make life easier for cyclists, the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis has developed a map listing cycling facilities, parking lots, secure car parks and water points. Go here to prepare your itinerary in a few clicks.

For more information, find the practical guide for cyclists from the City of Nice here.

  • La Littorale