The best places in Nice to enjoy Brunch

There’s nothing quite like a brunch with family or friends on the weekend to get your day off to a great start! Enjoy a lie-in and leave the hassle of cooking behind with a fun – and tasty – outing in Nice. There are numerous Nice cafés and restaurants offering a host of delicious brunch options.

Nice Shopping has compiled a selection of the best venues in Nice where you can feast upon brunch till your heart’s content!

Déli Bo

Every Sunday, Déli Bo’s simple yet luxurious setting hosts an à la carte brunch.

Enjoy a selection of savoury and sweet dishes that are simultaneously unfussy, sophisticated and extremely tasty.

Brunch times

Restaurant/Tea room open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm (à la carte menu). Open Sundays from 10am to 5pm (brunch menu only).


Brunch à la carte, selection of savoury and sweet dishes.

Sweet dishes:

Mini breakfast pastries, mini breakfast pastries with almonds, assortment of 4 mini breakfast pastries, soft brownie with nuts, two slices of home-made cake, custard tart, home-made scones, toast & preserves, muesli with yoghurt, plain pancakes.

Savoury dishes:

Avocado & grilled pork belly bagel, gravlax salmon bagel, crunchy chicken bagel, organic scrambled eggs, organic scrambled eggs & grilled pork belly, organic scrambled eggs & gravlax salmon, chicken & grilled pork belly club sandwich, extra fresh boiled eggs with truffle & soldiers, eggs benedict pancake, caesar salad with crunchy chicken, dry-cured meat bagel, organic scrambled eggs with truffles, croque-monsieur with truffles, Niçoise salad, pasta with truffles.


A la carte menu – Prices subject to change:

Sweet dishes: from € 0.70 to € 6.50

Savoury dishes: from € 7 to € 19


Advance booking advised.

 Déli Bo – 5 rue Bonaparte, Nice – Bookings at 04 93 56 33 04

Du Pain sur la Planche

Du Pain sur la Planche is here for you every Sunday with its delicious Brunch “Planches” (literally ‘planks’). It’s a cosy setting, a place to drink in the peace and quiet whilst lunching with your family or friends in the sun-drenched courtyard-cum- garden.

Brunch times

Every Sunday from 10.30am to 2pm

Weekdays and Saturday, brunch served between 10.30am and 2pm.

The Bakery/Pastry-maker/delicatessen is open every day from 7am to 7.30pm.


Brunch platter available in 4 formats: savoury, sweet, sweet and savoury and for kids.

Savoury platter:

Basket of bread with butter, scrambled eggs (with bacon if desired), fine cheeses, green salad, a slice of cooked ham, a slice of cured ham or a slice of smoked salmon with home-made creamy dill dip, a Barbajuan fritter, a mini Pichade (kind of pizza) and a mini pissaladière (pizza-style dish), a hot drink and a glass of fruit juice.

Sweet platter:

Basket of bread with butter and preserves, a slice of home-made cake, a pastry (selection to choose from), a waffle or a crêpe, fromage blanc (with a selection of toppings), fresh fruit salad, a hot drink and a glass of fruit juice.

Sweet and savoury platter:

Basket of bread with butter, a waffle or a crêpe, fromage blanc (with a selection of toppings), scrambled eggs (with bacon if desired), a slice of cured ham or a slice of smoked salmon with home-made creamy dill dip, fine cheeses, a Barbajuan fritter, a hot drink and a glass of fruit juice.

Kids’ platter:

A pastry (selection to choose from), a sweet main (with waffle or crêpe) or a savoury main (with ham and cheese), fromage blanc with a topping or a fresh fruit salad, a slice of pizza, a hot drink and a glass of fruit juice.


Savoury platter: € 20

Sweet platter: € 20

Sweet and savoury platter: € 22

Kids’ platter: € 12


Advance booking advised.

Du pain sur la planche – 40 Boulevard Risso, – Bookings at 04 97 12 53 46

Chez les Garçons

When the boys get to work at the ovens, they get amazing results! Tasty, generously-sized dishes will get your day off to a great start. Fun is definitely on the menu here, where you’re always allowed to ‘play’ around the table!

Brunch times

Brunch is served twice every Sunday, at 10am and 1pm

Tuesday to Saturday, à la carte brunch from 9am to 11.30am


A la carte brunch – weekdays and Saturday:

Avocado toast, banana toast, morning toast, acai bowl, energy bowl (fromage blanc-based), Healthy bowl (chia seeds and plant milk), brioche perdue (French toast), etc.
Wide selection of hot and cold drinks

Sunday brunch set menu:

Sweet part:
One hot drink, one fresh orange juice, one iced tea or still lemonade, pancakes and maple syrup, fromage blanc with muesli, fruit salad, bread with butter, jam and honey, 1 breakfast pastry, 1 home-made pastry

Savoury part:

Poke Bowl with avocado and eggs, cheese and cold meats

Kids’ brunch:

Identical to the sweet part


A la carte menu – Prices subject to change: from € 5 to € 12

Sunday brunch set menu: € 30 per adult / € 15 per child


Advance booking advised during the week and compulsory on Sundays.

Chez les Garçons – 1 rue Niepce, Nice – Bookings at 04 93 80 42 59 – or via Facebook or Instagram


At Kililie’s brunch is a real institution… fresh produce, dishes and a buffet that’s 100% home-made: big appetites – get ready to meet your match…

Brunch times

All-you-can-eat brunch: every weekend and bank holidays from 9.30am to 4.30pm (the kitchen closes at 2.30pm)

Brunch platters: Wednesday to Sunday, 9.30am to 3pm


All-you-can-eat brunch

One fresh fruit juice, one hot drink, one basket of breakfast pastries, one jug of micro-filtered water and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Savoury buffet dishes: scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans, quiche, hot dogs, wraps, pissaladière (pizza-style dish), stuffed vegetables, ratatouille, tabbouleh, vegetables, asparagus, stuffed tomatoes, meat, octopus salad, cheese, cold meats.

Sweet buffet dishes: fruit, brownies, French toast, pancakes, banana loaf, marble cake, sweet potato loaf, lemon cake, fiadone (Corsican cheesecake), chocolate gateau, crème caramel, tarts, cookies, financiers (almond cakes), range of verrines – panna cotta, tiramisu, vanilla custard.

Dishes may vary depending on the availability of seasonal produce.

Brunch platters:

Six savoury dishes and six sweet dishes, scrambled eggs and sausage, one fresh fruit juice, one hot drink, a basket of breakfast pastries and a jug of micro-filtered still water or sparkling water.

Weekday brunch menus:

Four large themed brunch platters: Nice specialities/vegetarian/northern French dishes/chef’s special.


The all-you-can-eat brunch is priced at € 26.50

The brunch platter is priced at € 21


Advance booking advised, especially on Sundays.

 Kililie’s – 21 Rue Delille, Nice – Bookings at 04 93 91 35 65

Photo credits: Barbara Lecomte Barbieri

Joya Lifestore

Do you just dream of brunch in a setting that’s both cosy and hip? Check out brunch at Joya Lifestore, a Nice-based concept store where you’ll feel right at home.

Do you like your cosy sofas, or outdoor terraces? Wherever you choose to sit, you’ll enjoy delectable street food that’s 100% home-made by a mostly female team in a genuinely original setting.

Brunch times

Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 4pm (On Saturdays, brunch is served non-stop and on Sundays it’s served at 11am and 1.30pm)


All-you-can-eat menu: one hot drink, one centrifugal fruit juice and a sweet and savoury all-you-can-eat buffet.

Savoury buffet:

Eggs, bacon, sausages, salad bar, cheese platter, cold meats, raw vegetables, pickles, Provençal-style savoury loaf, tortilla, gravlax salmon.

Sweet buffet:

Pancakes, fruit salad, fromage blanc, home-made granola, breakfast pastries, banana bread, preserves, organic rustic loaf, fruit tart of the day… not forgetting a sweet table for both young and old.


The all-you-can-eat buffet is priced at € 29

Kids’ buffet (6 to 12 years) is priced at € 14.50


Advance booking advised.

 Joya Lifestore – 1 Place du Pin, Nice – Bookings at  04 22 13 26 50

La Popote d’Ondine

La Popote d’Ondine is based in two premises in Nice, one on rue Blacas and the other on rue Gioffredo. Both venues offer meat-free dishes (gluten-free, vegan and standard fare options) to cater to all tastes.

Every day of the week, including Sunday, La Popote serves up an absolutely delicious brunch!

Brunch times

Brunch is served on Sundays at 11am and 1.30pm – « La Popote Blacas »

From Monday to Saturday between 9am and 3pm – « La Popote Blacas »

Weekdays from 9am to 12pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm – « La Popote Gioffredo »


Sunday brunch (rue Blacas):

One hot drink, one centrifugal fruit juice, one breakfast pastry (choose from a selection), avocado toast (sliced bread with seeds, smashed avocado and sprouted grains), pancake with maple syrup and raspberry, organic fromage blanc with home-made gluten-free granola.

A la carte brunch:

Organic fromage blanc, sweet waffles, sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, avocado toast and organic soft-boiled egg, chia pudding with activated charcoal, shakshuka, sweet potato waffles, organic soft-boiled eggs, pancakes with a chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberry, muffins with soft-boiled eggs and avocado, cheddar and salmon.

Gourmet brunch:

Pain au chocolat or croissant, hot drink, still lemonade with mint, ricotta on sliced bread with agave syrup and lemon zest.

Vegan & Gluten-free brunch:

Organic soy yoghurt, home-made granola, waffles with fresh fruit and maple syrup, hot drink.


Sunday brunch costs € 23

Dishes from the à la carte menu cost from € 5.50 to € 13 (prices subject to change)

Gourmet brunch: € 9

Vegan & Gluten-free brunch: € 13


Advance bookings are not possible.

 La Popote d’Ondine – 18 Rue Gioffredo / 2 rue Blacas, Nice – Information available at 06 19 38 39 60

Amour Pâtisserie

Amour Pâtisserie is the place to go to for people who really care about their food. At Amour, everything is home-made, with all ingredients being organic, unprocessed, vegan and gluten-free.
Who said that brunches weren’t for vegans or people diagnosed as gluten-intolerant?
Am Amour Pâtisserie is for foodies who love food that’s sustainable and as nature intended!

Brunch times

Every day except Wednesdays from 9am to 6pm


A la carte brunch:

Avocado toast, scrambled tofu, smoothie bowl, sweet pancakes (caramel/chocolate/ fruit), yoghurt and fresh fruit granola, pastries from the shop, cookies, muffins, etc.
Large selection of hot and cold drinks


A la carte, prices subject to change: dishes from € 2.50 to € 7


Advance booking is advised.

 Amour Pâtisserie – 2 rue Foncet, Nice – Bookings at 04 93 54 98 21

Visit the Instagram account here

Le Bistroy

A stone’s throw from the beach, Le Bistroy cooks up a fresh, home-made, all-you-can-eat brunch buffet. The menu is drawn up in line with the restaurant’s ecologically-sustainable vision of great-tasting food, minimal waste, additives and processed products.

Brunch times

Brunch buffet, Saturdays only from 9am to 2pm.

The restaurant is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8.15am to 11.30am for the à la carte breakfast menu and from 12pm to 2pm for lunch.


Le Bistroy’s brunch includes a hot dish, a hot drink, a fruit juice and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The hot dish:

This generally comprises a fried egg, perugina sausage, baked tomatoes with oregano and sweet and sour salad.

The all-you-can-eat buffet:

This is made up of around thirty different sweet and savoury dishes including breakfast pastries, quiches, cakes, cold meats, fruit, salads, verrines, different kinds of sliced bread, cheese, cheese puffs, savoury cannelés (pastries), thin-crust tarts, crêpes (home-made caramel sauce, home-made jam, sugar, Nutella, local honey, Speculoos spread) …


The all-you-can-eat Brunch is priced at € 22

Special prices for children under the age of 15 (varying according to age group).


Advance booking strongly advised.

 Le Bistroy – 37 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, Nice – Bookings at 09 82 47 33 44


Make the most of the brunches served up every day at O’Morena in the shape of generously-sized and equally delicious platters for sharing with friends or family right in the heart of the old town.

Brunch times

Every day from 11am to 2.30pm – currently closed on Mondays


Gourmet Brunch set menu:

This comprises a hot drink, a fruit juice, a basket of bread, toast, a rotating selection of breakfast pastries, butter and jam, a selection of lunch mains and a choice of sweet (home-made mini pastries).

A la carte brunch:

Wide choice of small sweet and savoury dishes which may be served together with a hot drink and a fruit juice.


Gourmet brunch set menu: € 25

A la carte brunch: dishes from € 1.50 to € 17


Advance booking advised during the week and strongly recommended on Sundays.

O’Morena – 4 rue du Pontin, Nice – Bookings at 04 93 85 51 72

Casa Leya

Casa Leya’s brunch is 100% home-made using ingredients that have been painstakingly selected from the best Italian produce by people who are passionate about great-tasting food. The menu changes from season to season, ensuring you get a wide range of fresh, quality dishes all year round! To really get your taste buds going, Casa Leya serves up dishes like scrambled eggs with truffles and delicious pancakes with mascarpone…

Brunch times

Every Sunday from 11am to 3.30pm

Restaurant open from Monday to Saturday between 11.30am and 3pm and again from 6.30pm to 10.30pm and on Sundays from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.


Table service. Selection of large savoury platters, choice of desserts, range of hot drinks and freshly-squeezed orange juice.


Set price menu (€ 28)


Booking required for parties of 6 people and over. Smaller groups will be seated as they come, as the restaurant has a large seating capacity.

 Casa Leya – 36 cours Saleya, Nice – Bookings at 04 92 47 80 90