in Nice

The second-hand market

Every Monday, bric à brac dealers set up shop on the Cours Saleya, much to the delight of collectors of knick-knacks and curios.

Furniture, paintings, old books, knick-knacks, jewellery and other curios…you’ll need time to get to grips with this market, to wander to and from, retracing your steps and dawdling awhile. There are many curiosities here to interest the whole family. Younger members will discover how kids kept themselves amused in the pre-video game era, with Dinky-style toy cars and porcelain dolls. There are also old jewellery pieces, vintage scarves by famous brands, tableware from old hotels and mansions and designer handbags at knock-down prices. Some dealers sell more niche products, specializing in door-knobs, buttons, glass recipients, desk lamps and more…The Cours Saleya second-hand market is a treasure trove where there’s truly something to please everyone.

Old crockery occupies a prominent place here

The whole market exudes something of a Bohemian air

Memories of yesteryear and curiosities...