Vieux Nice’s craft shop and trendy boutiques

This historic district of Nice is where the city first began and subsequently expanded. The Vieux Nice (the Old Town) referred to by townspeople as just ‘le Vieux’, is full of life, by day and by night.

A stroll through the area reveals lively narrow streets, with tall houses sporting colourful facades. However, the charm of the Vieux Nice doesn’t just lie in its architecture and vibrant colours, but also in the range of its retail offerings. Delicatessens rub shoulders with clothes shops, interior decor stores and artists’ studios. Here, there’s a maker of traditional handmade pasta, there, one of the top wine merchants in Nice. A little further along, a master chocolate-maker with a shop window to set your mouth watering! And we shouldn’t forget all those aromatic herbs and Provençal spices that create an absolute riot of colours and aromas. Stop awhile to enjoy a tasty treat in one of the many restaurants. The Old Town also abounds in wine bars, cafés and ice-cream shops. This break will give you a wonderful chance to try out some Nice specialities, both sweet and savoury, such as Socca (chickpea flatbread), petits farcis (stuffed baked vegetables), courgette fritters, pissaladière (a pizza style dish) and swiss chard tart.

The world of fashion is very much in evidence in the shape of cutting-edge looks showcased in pretty boutiques. You’re also sure to fall under the spell of Provençal fabrics and designs in their many different shapes and forms: quilts, tablecloths, table mats, cushions etc, which may be found in local interior design shops.

It’s clear that local creatives have set up shop in an area in which they feel at home! Half-studio, half-shop, their premises beckon you inside to discover the art of book-binding, framing or simply one-off works of art, paintings and sculptures. As night falls, the Vieux Nice, rather than winding down, sets a stage for nights out to remember in its numerous lively pubs and restaurants.

Cours Saleya and the market

Place du Palais de Justice

boutique d'épices dans le Vieux-Nice

Spices – a veritable kaleidoscope of colour!

Typical narrow street of the Old Town

Building facades in the Vieux Nice

Place Saint François