You’re probably familiar with Bellet wines, but did you know that they are a source of pride for Nice in more ways than one? A brief overview of what makes this appellation so exceptional.


One of the oldest “Appellations Contrôlées”

The vineyard dates back to the 5th century BC, making it one of the oldest vineyards in France! It was the Greeks who introduced viticulture. It was later developed by the Romans. The vineyards reached their golden age in the 19th century, when they stretched over 1,000 hectares! In 1941, thanks to the passion and perseverance of the winegrowers of Nice, who overcame numerous scourges, it was classified as “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (AOC).

The only vineyard in a large urban area

Nice, France’s 5th largest city, is the only city of its size to have an AOC. All the vineyards are located entirely within the municipality. It’s an area that’s perfect for winegrowing: 2,700 hours of sunshine a year, ideal rainfall, a soil that’s a blend of rounded pebbles, sand and clay, and constant winds from the Var valley.

Native grape varieties

Bellet wines are mainly made from local, traditional grape varieties that are perfectly suited to the town’s Mediterranean climate. Let’s start with Rolle, which is used to make white wines, appreciated for their freshness, liveliness and citrus aromas. Braquet is used for rosé wines, renowned for their finesse. Finally, Folle Noire, combined with Braquet for red wines, gives the wine its tannin, body and colour, with notes of red fruit and spices.

A world-renowned appellation

Appreciated for their distinctive character, quality and ability to reflect the unique terroir of Nice, Bellet wines can be found on the finest tables. So why not on yours? 

You can taste them at one of the nine estates, which are the pride of the vineyard: Château de Bellet, Château de Crémat, Collet de Bovis, Clos Saint-Vincent, Domaine de la Source, Domaine de Toasc, Domaine de Vinceline, Domaine Saint-Jean, Via Julia-Augusta.

You’ll also find them at “La Maison de Nice”, on level -1 of NICETOILE shopping centre. What’s the best thing about this shop? Over 250 products from the local culinary scene! A perfect pairing with Bellet wines.

La Maison de Nice, Niveau -1 de NICETOILE, 30 avenue Jean Medecin, 06000 Nice

And, of course, you can buy them at your local wineshops in Nice, which Nice Shopping has selected for you.

An overview of Nice’s wineshops

Want to taste the best Bellet wines? Nice’s wineshops welcome you to help you discover the fruit of this vineyard, which is the pride of the region.

A l’AnqueVin

“A l’AnqueVin” wineshop is located in the heart of the eastern district of Nice, just a stone’s throw from Place Garibaldi and the Port. Since March 2020, their advisors have been welcoming you to this charming location, nestled between Nice’s “Petit Marais” and the superb Antiques Quarter.

Here, you’ll find much more than just wine. To accompany the wine tasting, they also offer a selection of artisanal products from our wine-growing regions. Whether it’s winegrowers, brewers, canners, producers or artisans, they are all carefully selected for their commitment to respecting the terroir, the environment and traditions.

L’AnqueVin is a welcoming place designed to help you discover new flavours and indulge your taste buds. Don’t miss it!

  • L’anquevin – 10 Rue Cassini, 06300 Nice
  • L’AnqueVin – Bouteilles disponibles dès 20€ – 10 Rue Cassini, 06300 Nice


Originally located around the corner from Benoit Bunico, then close to the Pont-Vieux, this family-run establishment finally took up permanent residence on rue de la Préfecture in the early 1930s, to become a must-visit institution in Nice’s Old Town (“Vieux Nice”). 400 m2 entirely dedicated to the very best that Nice’s vineyards have to offer.

Now, Jean Caprioglio, son of the founder, welcomes and advises wine lovers in the family wineshop. What sets it apart from the rest? Selling by the litre! Today, Caves Caprioglio is one of the few establishments still selling local wine by the litre. An absolute must-visit!

  • Les Caves Caprioglio – 16 Rue de la Préfecture
  • Bellet – Domaine de Toasc Rouge 2019 75cl – Vin Biologique – 21,50€ – Les Caves Caprioglio

La Cave de Stéphane

Come and explore the variety of wines from winemakers who take pride in working in harmony with the environment. At Stéphane’s, there’s something to suit every taste and every budget. Located right in the heart of Nice’s Old Town (“Vieux Nice”), this wineshop invites you to take a real journey through the flavours of the region. The added bonus: the shop offers home delivery in Nice and the surrounding area for all purchases over €60, as well as national and international shipping on request. So you can enjoy the best of the Nice region, wherever you are!

  • Clos Saint Vincent, cuvée Le Clos – Bellet – Rouge – 2021 – 31€

Bouchons & Co

Whether you’re a seasoned wine lover or a curious novice, Bouchons & Co is the perfect shop to indulge your taste buds and discover new wine gems. Let yourself be guided by the passionate team, who are always on hand to share their expertise and help you find the perfect wine for every occasion.

  • Bouchons & Co – 56 Av. de la République, 06300 Nice
  • Bouchons & Co – 56 Av. de la République, 06300 Nice

And please remember: excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health, so drink in moderation.

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