Once only worn for sports, trainers have now become a staple of streetwear.


Every year, surprising trends emerge, reflecting the changing tastes and preferences of trainer lovers around the world. In 2023, four trends in particular stand out: the return of vintage, a shift towards hiking boots and the rise in popularity of platform trainers.

1. Vintage is making a comeback

The saying “what’s old is new” has never been truer than it is today. You’ve been warned: the classic styles of the 80s and 90s are making a comeback! Iconic brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and New Balance have brought out their flagship models, offering trainer lovers the chance to wallow in the nostalgia of their youth. These vintage models feature simple designs, retro colours and iconic logos.  The New Balance 530 or the Adidas Samba are among the most sought-after models. The combination of retro style and modern comfort makes these shoes the must-have of the moment.

  • New balance 530 – 120,00€ – Nine – 9 Av. Jean Médecin
  • Adidas Samba – 119,99€ – Courir – C.cial Lingostiere Carrefour
  • Asics GT-1000 – 120,00€ – Sugarkikz – 12 Rue Miron

2. Hiking shoes

When they were first launched, these trainers were not exactly popular, in fact they were ridiculed… And yet, trainers designed to look like “hiking boots” are the most surprising trend of the year! They blend street style with durability and functionality. Featuring notched soles, water-resistant materials and rugged design, these trainers are perfect for those who like to explore the city or the great outdoors while keeping up with fashion trends. Among the most popular are trainers such as Nike Air Humara, Salomon XT-6 UNISEX, New Balance ML610 UNISEX and Aegility Pro Mid. These brands offer models inspired by their iconic hiking boots. Suitable for outdoor adventures, they’re also the footwear of choice for streetwear addicts looking for a bold, versatile look.

  • Aegility Pro Mid DT Women – 200,00€ – Foot Lockers – 31 Av. Jean Médecin
  • Nike Air Humara – 159,99€ – JD Sport – 56 Av. Jean Médecin
  • Salomon XT – 6 UNISEX – 164,99€

3. The high-top shoe trend

High-top shoes are also becoming increasingly popular! Their high top creates a signature look that can add a touch of rebellion, elegance or streetwear to any outfit. These trainers add a unique edge by blending street style with extra support for the ankle. They are often seen as having a vintage feel, reminiscent of the basketball shoes of the ’80s and ’90s. This classic look has stood the test of time and remains a favourite choice for trainer lovers looking for originality. Brands such as Nike, Hugo, Jordan and Diesel have created iconic high-top trainer designs that appeal to all generations.

  • Nike Blazer – 76,97€ – Story – 27 Av. Jean Médecin
  • S – DVELOWS MID Diesel – 184,95
  • URIAN HITO Hugo – 122,95€
  • Jordan – 118,95€

4. The Elegance of Height: Platform Trainers

Finally, the shoes that will always appeal to their fans: platform trainers. These shoes blend the comfort of a trainer with the height of a heel, offering fans a unique way to enhance their style and look taller. With platforms varying in height, these subtle models with chunky, bold soles create a striking visual impact. Big names such as Nike, Adidas, Converse and Isabel Marant have made platform trainers part of their range. These shoes have become a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their outfit while enjoying the comfort of classic trainers. Whether you decide to go for a subtle design or a bold platform, these trainers allow you to express your style with confidence and originality.

  • Isabelle Marant – 495,00€
  • Triple Platforum Lo Adidas – 140€
  • Air Jordan 1 élevage Low – 139,99€
  • All Star Lift Platform Converse – 110,00€

Whether you’re a vintage lover, someone looking for a bit of adventure or just a few extra centimetres, there’s definitely going to be a pair of trainers in Nice to suit your style and personality.

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